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Summer Holidays

It is stated on the school calendar when our school term ends and when the new term begins. Between these dates, summer school will be operating. 

Everyone now pays for an 12 month academic year (exept for children under 3 as they are not permitted to attend summer school). If the child is not present during the summer period a small deduction will be made. Six euros, (for full time children), is to be deducted for those days when the child is not present during the summer school period. If the child is half time then the deduction is three euros per each half day the child is away. This deduction will show in July's fee. If your child is present for the whole summer you will be charged accordingly. 

Everyone, regardless of attendance will be charged a normal fee for June and August.

The July invoice will be altered to take account of any holidays or extra attendance during summer school.

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