We encourage
personal responsibility and a sense of others.

Lunch time practice

We serve a nutricious lunch that is provided by Fazer Catering Company. We offer a wide variety of dishes, including vegetarian options. We also cater to all specific dietary requirements. We always serve salad with our lunch. Water and milk are provided with each meal.

The children will be encouraged to eat well and independently and follow all the social rules of good manners and eating habits. 

For information about dietary requirements for your child see the food guide below.

Snack time

At the ICEC we provide two fully nutritious small meals for the children daily, these are called our snack time, the meals may change or vary depending on which of our centres you attend, but they should fulfill the food groups listed below equivalent to one serving per child. Generally we provide wheat crackers or bread, a selection of toppings, cheese, etc, a selection of fruit and vegetables, milk and water is also provided. We also prepare and cook snacks with the children so we may have pizza, fruit pancakes etc.


Lunchtime Party Event

At the ICEC we try to recognize as many multicultural events as possible, including Chinese New Year and Diwali. As well as looking at the culture behind the festivals listening to the music, and looking at their way of life, we also cook a selection of food from the particular country we are focusing on. This developed so well that we found ourselves cooking a full meal with and for the children, including a starter and a dessert. Surprise, surprise the children did not seem to eat much lunch on these days, and it seemed as if we spent the whole day eating! The children and teachers really enjoyed these events so rather than limit the food because of the above issues, we decided to develop the idea further and turn it into a complete lunch time menu, and make it a regular monthly event.

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Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children

Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children

Food Pyramid for young Children - a daily Guide for Children 2 to 6 years old.