Fees for attendance and registration

It is possible to choose the child’s attendance either by session based, by half time or full time based schedule. This means that you can book your child’s attendance between 2 to 10 sessions per week. Fees are based on these bookings.

Our fees from August 2019 are as follows. We charge a fixed monthly fee based on the number of sessions booked.

                                     Under three's               Over three's

2 x sessions per week   370€                           360€ per month

3 x sessions per week   530€                           520€ per month

4 x sessions per week   690€                           660€ per month

5 x sessions per week   820€                           690€ per month

6 x sessions per week   920€                           870€ per month

7 x sessions per week   1020€                         1020€ per month

8 x sessions per week   1220€                         1140€ per month

9 x sessions per week   1270€                         1140€ per month

10 x sessions per week 1270€                         1140€ per month  

A non-refundable registration fee of 150€ is payable on enrollment. This means that your child has been reserved a place in our daycare based on an agreed starting date.

To change a child’s attendance one must give the school a minimum of one calendar month notice and it should be done on a given adjustment form that can be found on the ICEC website under contacts.

Payments, attendance, meals and insurance

Payments are paid directly to the school’s bank account according to the invoice provided at the beginning of each calendar month and you will receive your email by email. The due date is normally 13th of each month. In case the expected payment is not received in time, the school has a right to claim a penalty of 6 euros for each reminder as well as the valid interest.

The monthly payments are paid every month, even during the summer. For summer holidays there is a small deduction - please see the separate page "summer fees". The schools’ opening times are shown in each school's calendar. There is no deduction for private holidays.

If your child is leaving the school, you must give at least one full calendar month notice.

No refund is given for missed attendance (like the private holidays mentioned above or sickness).

The fee includes all meals. 

All children are fully insured during school hours.

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Practice in “yksityisen hoidon tuki”

In some cases parents may receive support called “yksityisen hoidon tuki” or “kuntalisä”. This is a financial support that the Finnish Kansaneläkelaitos (Kela) pays the daycare service provider as part of a child’s monthly fee. This can only be received for those parents who apply for it. Applications must be made to the Kansaneläkelaitos (Kela) office.

In practice the school does not receive this “support” until the end of each month. As this is case the school’s fee is delayed by two weeks. The school has a practice of withholding what we call “Kela Guarantee” from those parents who receive this support. This “Kela Guarantee” is the same amount of money as the parents receive as a “yksityisen hoidon tuki”. It will be returned to the parents or used against open fees when the child leaves the school or should the support for the family stop permanently. Further information about this can be obtained from the school Manager.

If you are not eligible for over 20 h daycare, please ask for a application form from your school manager.

FEES FROM 1.9.2018
Under 3's Fee Espoo support Helsinki support
Full Time fee 1250€       784,25€ 792,25€
Half Time fee (five sessions/week) 800€     784,25€ 792,25€
Over 3's
Full Time fee 1120€ 600,25€ 512,25€
Half Time fee (five sessions/week) 670€ 600,25€ 512,25€
Esiopetus afternoon care (5 afternoons) 590€ 163,38€ 63,38€