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Practical Matters

  • Daisy - School communicator
  • General Information
  • School Hours


The School Communicator (Daisy) is a simple desktop application that is used to keep parents in touch with what's happening at their child's school. This is also used to book your child's attendance and inform your school of any absences. News, calendar events and a variety of other resources are accessible directly on your computer.

This application is secure and is only accessible by registered ICEC parents.

You don't need extensive technical knowledge, just one click for the installation process ensures you are up and running in less that 30 seconds.

The ICEC also recognises the amount of time, ink and paper that we will save with this webmail program.

As soon as your school Manager has uploaded your details onto the communicator you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the program.

For more information please contact one of the centers.

General Information

Playschool can be messy! Please do not send your child in their best clothing. They will also need suitable clothes for outdoor play and slippers for indoors. Please could you label all of your children's clothing, and place accessories like gloves and hats either inside their coat or the baskets provided.

Please inform the school whenever your child is absent.

Food for thought Fees Summer Holidays


  • If your child is leaving the school you must give at least one calendar month notice.
  • No refund is given for missed attendance: including time absent due to private holidays.
  • The fee includes a morning and afternoon snack.
  • All children are fully insured during school hours.