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Our Schools

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Kilo (Friisinmäki)

ICEC Kilo opened in January 2018. The school is in a beautiful location in Friisinmäki surrounded by nature.  We offer places for up to 126 children, fromTiddlers to Preprimary education. Marja Kemppainen is the manager of this school.

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ICEC Töölö is located in the centre of Helsinki and is managed by Nannu Parviainen. This is our original location and we have places for up to 40 children. Read more & apply


Located in Herttoniemenranta with a lovely view of the sea, this school has places for 50 children and is managed by Nannu Parviainen. Read more & apply


Meilahti school is located in Helsinki. The school is separated into two different buildings, one side caters for children ages 2-4 and the other side is for schoolroom age children. Meilahti School room provides out of school care for children from the English School (5-7 yrs), and only runs half day sessions. Nannu Parviainen is the manager of this school. Read more & apply


Westend opened in August 2008 and is situated in Westend, Espoo. This school has places for up to 75 children. The manager here is Marja Kemppainen. Read more & apply


An ICEC English-language daycare center opened in August 2021 in a new building in Kauniainen at Kasavuorentie 6, 02700 Kauniainen

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The English-language daycare ICEC opened in October 2020 in a new building in Kempele at the address Kokkokankantie 177, 90450 Kempele . Read more & apply