the world
every day.

We Care

Just as the children share responsibility for caring for the school environments, we feel that they should be aware of the responsibility we all have towards our planet. To that end, we have several environmental projects in each school.

  • Plan

    Each school sponsors a child from a different corner of the world. We follow the education of the child until they reach 18. This gives us an opportunity to look at other cultures and for the children to feel they can make a difference in the world.
  • Environment

    Discussing environmental issues is a fundamental part of our philosophy. This covers all topics from recycling to using wind power in our schools.
  • Animals

    Whether our pets or animals in the wild we look at how to treat and respect  them, and to protect their habitat.

All of the above  encourage  children to share, care, empathize and take responsibility for their planet.

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