our philosophy

Play and curiosity are nature’s way of helping children to understand their world. With guidance from excellent teachers, who presents the children with new concepts and ideas, an enriching environment which reinforces these concepts, allows freedom to explore and encourages interaction and independant learning, children will develop and learn. At the International Childcare and Education Centre we provide a safe environment, set out in many different ways that provoke curiosity and surprise, presenting children with the challenge and wonder of many different experiences. Our aim is to foster a child’s natural delight in exploration and discovery which results in their gaining knowledge and understanding. With an adult’s support and guidance children can reach their full potential and become independent life long learners.

Our approach to education is one which recognises the importance of the partnership between teacher and child and parent/carer as well as the importance of children having ownership over their own learning. To encompass these componants within an early years curriculum the ICEC philosophy incorporates a whole class teaching technique presenting the children with an exciting new concept or idea. Then giving the children the freedom  and confidence to experiment and explore that idea, using hands on activities to complete the learning process. We also value the child's own interests, initative and learning style by providing an environment that accomodates the different learning styles of the children. For example some children learn maths `better´ through Lego and building equipment and others from books and art. These learning styles are important to early years educators as they form the underpining individual learning frame that supports  the child's future educational journey

In our centres children play with different groups of children and will discover the rules of social interaction through play with adult support. We encourage teamwork both academically and creatively i.e. dance and drama. We encourage personal responsibility and a sense of others. There is a strong multicultural element in the school, partly because the children are from many different backgrounds, and also because we believe in introducing the children to other ideologies and cultures to foster the understanding that we are all different, and that differences should be respected.

Many activities in the Nursery and schoolroom sections are provided to enable a child’s skills to develop: art and craft area, language and literacy area, design and technology area, science and maths area, small world play, house shop, P.E area, book corner, nature area etc. All of these areas are designed to foster concentration, imagination, conceptual ability, hand eye co-ordination, social and emotional development, and physical development. Reading, writing and mathematics like all subjects are taught through whole class teaching, topics/themes and the environment the teachers provides.

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