About ICEC

We are a non-profit making private company whose aim is to promote early education and childcare to children under seven.

The International Childcare and Education Centre (ICEC) was started in 1989 under its original name of International Playschool by Sharon and Mikko. Sharon Auri is an Early Years Educator from England with social work experiance as well as working in early years in a multi cultural environment. Sharons dream was to have a mul-ticultural creative learning environment for children 1 - 7 years of age, and this was before creative learning became the new norm. As the company developed a decision was taken to both form a limited company and to change the nam of the center. The decision to change our name was made to clearly define the nature of our centres, and to better align ourselves with the changes in early years education being made in England.

The ICEC developed over the years from a small part time group of 21 children to 7 centers and 400 children. It was a slow development over 30 years, with Sharon and the managment team making sure each center was developed and running efficiantly before a new center was undertaken. Each new center had (and has) experianced ICEC teachers an staff to help with the important process of setting up and implementing schedules routines etc

It became apparant that although it was great to have teachers and families from around the world, a cohesive and shared vision was esentail to give the children a coherent and proffessional curriculum. This curriculum and shared phiosophy was to underpin the creative and multi-cultural part of our philosophy.

Why choose The I.C.E.C?

  • We are in every way a multicultural Centre
  • We are Environmentally aware
  • We have a Creative learning Curriculum, we make learning a joy for your child
  • We have excellent teacher training programmes
  • We have a forest school
  • We are animal friendly
  • We are flexible
  • We have a plenty of parent events
  • We are the only daycare in Finland inspected by England once or twice per year
  • We are older and wiser
  • The English National Curriculum which we follow is an excellent hands on active learning program

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