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Our approach to education is one which recognises the importance of both whole class teaching; presenting the children with an exciting new concept or idea, and of giving the children the freedom to experiment, investigate and explore, using hands on activities to encourage and aid the learning process. Its important that childrens ideas and interests are implemented and taken seriously by the teachers, this way children learn to be in control of their own learning and develop individual learning styles.This is really important when encouraging life long learners. Children are the intrepid explorers of knowledge and ideas.

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  • Interactive Teaching
  • Whole Class Teaching
  • Cross-Curricular Teaching
  • High Scope

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There are many areas in the school that deal with this very important topic: circle time, show and tell, story/discussion time, singing, etc. Thus, hand in hand with confidence, happiness and a sense of ones self, helps language to grow, only positive reinforcement, not correction, is used by our teachers.

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Staffing Policy

All of our staff are qualified or are on the N.V.Q training programme (supervised by a qualified teacher). All new members of staff undergo training as to what our system is and how it is implemented within the first 4 months, whether they are qualified or not.

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We Care

I can make a difference in the world!

  • Other Cultures
  • Environmental issues
  • Give to others

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About ICEC

We are a non-profit making private company whose aim is to promote early education and childcare to children under seven.

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