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N.V.Q. (English National Vocational Qualification) Levels 2, 3 and 4

The ICEC has been running a small vocational collage since 1995, where we offer National Vocational Qualifications to adults working within the ICEC Company or who would like to gain a qualification and training from distance learning.

This qualification enables you to work either part-time or full-time and gain a qualification in childcare for children ages 0-19.

The course is designed to support staff involved in nurseries that provide a foundation to develop student skills, knowledge and competence within their role. 

As with all our training courses, our full assessor support give students great flexibility to learn and qualify at their own pace, still maintaining their workload for providing quality childcare.

The course can be studied online, with regular interaction with your assessor. This enables each student to organize their work without having to carry around a heavy portfolio. 

All students have one to one support from an allocated assessor who will visit their workplace setting as required.

This is an English qualification, therefore a foreign qualification in Finland. All individual student certificates have to be individually assessed by The Board of Education if required by their employer.

Level 2

Level 2 is suitable for those entering childcare and/or already work under supervision with children.
Upon completion of the N.V.Q Childcare Level 2, the student is qualified to work as a Nursery assistant under the supervision of others in England.
Level 2 is made up of 35 credits.
Duration is approximately 12 months.
Fee: 3000€

Level 3

Level 3 is designed to help students continue their childcare career development.
Upon completion of the N.V.Q Childcare level 3, the student is qualified to work as a nursery officer and supervise others in England.
Level 3 is made up of 65 credits.
It is recommended that students should have previously completed their level 2 qualification.
Duration is approximately 24 months
Fee: 3700€. 

Level 4

This course is designed for students who wish to operate on management level in an early years child care environment.
The course encourages qualified practitioners to reflect on their own practice and consider ways of enhancing their provision
You will have to hold a previous childcare qualification to enrol on this course.
Duration is approximately 12 months.
Fee: 3700€. 

All Fees can be paid in instalments throughout your study time.
The Fees include your registration and standards, your access to our online e-portfolio and a personal assessor.

Entry requirements

Students need to be employed within a childcare setting for a minimum of 16 hours per week.

For Level 3, Students must hold UK GCSE's or equivalent grade C or above in Math and English.

If you are interested in one of our N.V.Q Childcare training courses, please contact our personnel for staffing and qualification.

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What are the N.V.Q's? 

N.V.Q's are recognized qualifications from England. They are competence-based qualifications. They are achieved in the Workplace.

What can I do with an N.V.Q?

We offer an N.V.Q in Childcare and Education.

  • You can assist the Teacher in a Play School Environment. (Level 2)
  • You can educate Children from 0 to 6 yrs. (Level 3)

Who can do an N.V.Q?

Anyone who can answer Yes to the following:

  •  Are You energic and enthusiastic and prepared to learn?
  •  Do You want to work with young children?
  •  Are You employed in an environment suited to assessment?
  •  Do You want to improve Your position without going back to school?

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N.V.Q overview picture

N.V.Q overview picture