ICEC a Creative, Diverse, Learning Environment

UNICEF says joyful learning environments should be active, bright, and cheerful. We at the ICEC do this and more. We celebrate the whole child by encouraging movement, creativity and academic growth with both adult and child lead activities. Through playing, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, investigating, imagining and reasearch children can achieve their potentail and learn to love learning. Following this philosophy in our centres with teachers who care and find joy in teaching gives each child a chance to reach their full academic and creative potential. We have a multicultural environment and have children and families from different backgrounds and cultures in our settings. We foster an environment that embraces all people wherever they are from, we celebrate diffrences and encourage diversity, teanwork and independant learning play a big role within our centers.

We follow the English Early Years Curriculum and the Finnish Early Years curriculuum. We use a creative learning philosophy and the high scope method of teaching, which we have geared towards the requirments of our centers. You can find more information on these in this website.

This is a detailed document and it is our aim to give you as much information as we can, so you can make an informed decision concernig your child/children.

In our experiance it is very easy to write a curriculum but not so easy to implement. So we have a list of things you can look for in a daycare with this curriculum, and we appriciate your feedback on wether you felt the curriculum is evident in the environment.

We have 7 centres in Finland in Helsinki and Espoo and one in Degerby, Inkoo.

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At the ICEC, we recognise the talents of dedicated, creative and hardworking People who care passionately about children, families and each other. If you are professional, motivated, happy and creative and you want to be part of a team that provides the best possible care for children and their families, then we would like to hear from you.

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