All of our staff are qualified or are on the N.V.Q training programme (supervised by a qualified teacher). All new members of staff undergo training as to what our system is and how it is implemented within the first 4 months, whether they are qualified or not.

During their 4-month trail period, new staff are closely supervised to ensure their suitability to work in our centres; this includes their approach to the job, their interaction with the children and their trustworthiness within the environment. They must also have a very clear sense of responsibility for the children in their care. This is to ensure the consistency of our system, which is vital to the well being of the children.

After their 4-month trail period, if not qualified, new staff will go on the N.V.Q programme, which lasts on average 2 yrs. We encourage all our staff to develop their careers; in fact it is written in their contract that they will continue to develop themselves professionally. We provide training both within our company as well as access to outside training courses and seminars. Our school also buys a lot of educational material (largely from England) which is circulated amongst the 4 schools and staff. All the staff at the ICEC have a performance appraisal once year, and are encouraged to watch and appraise each other's performance on an ongoing basis.