How we do it

Implementing our approach

Child Centered Environment

Our environment, (through the use of displays, equipment, furnishings and a well-planned layout), encourages imagination and curiosity while achieving the right balance between an exciting, secure, and comfortable place to be. All the furnishings are designed specifically for the children, ensuring their comfort.


Interactive Teaching

The teachers listen to and observe a group, so that they know when the children need help and guidance and when they don't. In this way the children can progress at their own pace.

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There are many areas in the school that deal with this very important topic: circle time, show and tell, story/discussion time, singing...

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1 - 2 yrs


2 - 3 yrs


3 - 4 yrs


4 - 5 yrs

Schoolroom Reception

5 - 6 yrs

Schoolroom Year 1

6 - 7 yrs

We have several animals in the schools ranging from rabbits to birds. There are several reasons for having the animals in our schools, covering all the areas of our curriculum.

Caring for animals and people other than yourself is an important part of social development. 


Lemmikkipuisto logoSharon and Mikko Auri run a pet park in the countryside about 50 km west of Helsinki in a small village called Torbacka. The park has over 150 animals including sheep, goats, pigs as well as more exotic animals such as lizards, parrots and sugar gliders.


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